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. so, i', ve got energy and style all day. dr. sc. holl's for her . for foheels and flats. i'm i'a believe. >> we're back is 757. a quick update on the situation in the east bay highway 4 our traffic hot spot. a multi vehicle accident near will pass through it backed up traffic all it antioch. earlier drive time running upward of two hours. we just got the update is down to about 80 minutes. 80 minutes is your drive time which is still twice what it normally is. will have full details coming up. >> traffic is still creek along. this is one of the worst commute to the barrier. on a good day i would imagine the traffic is backed up for miles on high way for westbound this morning. >> it is folly back up. >> for your show as a picture. the road that parallels i wherefore was worse in the freeway has gotten any better. >> it looks like it has got better. some of the frontage roads have eased up over the last 15 or 20 minutes. traffic is still creeping along west bound for. >> indeed it is led us to go to the traffic maps. it is backed up all the way into antioch. the accident itself
and energy and sam francisco this week bringing to life 5000 years of chinese civilization and through classical chinese dance and music. jenny and cast the spirit of a culture of long- lost. the show moves quickly through regions, dynasties and legends. there nearly 100 artists, 400 costumes and the only orchestra and world featuring classical western and chinese instruments as permanent members. it plays at march 20th of the 24th at the warfield theater and sampras is go every night. weekend matinee performances have been sold out. a new exhibition at the san francisco museum of modern art kicks off this week. the police because the class is on display until june. the collection features on remedies, georgia o'keeffe and diego rivera, pablo picasso amerada marini. that is this week's bay area arts and entertainment report. the >> when it comes to arts and entertainment, you will not be able to see this sam francisco symphony. they moved into their 10th day of a strike. a handful of striking musicians perform in front of davies symphony hall over the lunch hour yesterday. other musici
with texas is lower rates and energy costs. >> we'll have more on the story of a surge of 11 month old girl that was stolen out of the driveway in the backseat of a car. >> an amber alert in the south bay in san jose. a child was so in just to the east of downtown san jose. we have pictures we can show you courtesy assassinates the in our partnership with abc seven news. here is the cul-de-sac or this child was taken. from what we have been able to gather from the same, at least f the police there on the scene we are looking for basically the mother came out around 6:45 a.m. with a child and the sec and went back inside briefly possibly get something. when she came back out on the s u b was gone. she is alive a month year-old gabrielle the tarot the child's mother called police immediately. they've responded in corner of the area. they're interviewing the mother. there's a description of the vehicle is a 2006 white jeep liberties, very similar to the one you see on the screen. the license plate as well as to bumper stickers and the back window. if you see the vehicle, called 911. witnesses
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3